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BioTiNet - 1st Workshop Training Material

  Lectures on Monday 24. October 2011

Standardization, a tool to help bringing innovative technology from the laboratory to the market (.PDF)
Dr. Guido De Jongh, European Committee for Standardization (Belgium)

Mechanical properties of Ti-based glassy and nanocomposite alloys (.PDF)
Dr. J. Sort, UAB (Spain)

Shear bond strength testing in dentistry (not public)
Dr. P. Jevnikar, UKC (Slovenia)

  Lectures on Tuesday 25. October 2011

Magnetic properties of “non-magnetic” materials (.PDF)
Prof. P.J.McGuiness, JSI (Slovenia)

Roughness and its effects in tribology (.PDF)
Prof. M. Kalin/ J. Kogovšek Uni Lj.-Mech.Eng (Slovenia)

Analytical approaches for the determination of trace amounts of metal ions released from Ti based alloys (.PDF)
Prof. R. Milačič, A. Martinčič, J. Ščančar, JSI (Slovenia)

Electrochemical methods for corrosion behaviour characterization (.PDF)
Dr. P. Schmutz, EMPA (Switzerland)

Role of surface defect density on corrosion resistance of coatings (or coatings - scratch test) (.PDF)
Dr. D. Kek Merl/ Dr. M. Čekada, JSI (Slovenia)

Structural characterisation of materials using synchrotron radiation (.PDF)
Dr. M. Stoica, IFW, (Germany)

Characterization of Ti-based surfaces with X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (.PDF)
Prof. J. Kovač, JSI (Slovenia)

Microscopy: from optical to TEM (.PDF)
Prof. G. Dražić, JSI (Slovenia)

Advanced methods for materials characterisation using TEM (.PDF)
Prof. T. Waitz, UniVie (Austria)

Scanning electron microscopy, SEM, EDS, WDS, EBSD of inorganic materials (not public)
Dr. Z. Samardžija, JSI (Slovenia)

Characterization of porous Ti-structures (.PDF)
Dr. J. Luyten, KUL (Belgium)

  Lectures on Wednesday 26. October 2011

Inside to the microstructure of biological sample (.PDF)
Dr. J. Štrus, Uni Lj. (Slovenia)

Bone-to-implant contact (not public)
Prof. M. Čeh, JSI (Slovenia)

Aspects of characterising nanomaterials for their implementation as building blocks in future medical applications (not public)
Prof. N. Grobert, UOXF.DJ (UK)

Confocal and advanced super-resolution fluorescence microscopy: studies of brain astrocytes (not public)
Prof. R. Zorec, Medical Uni Lj. (Slovenia)

Tracking radical generation by tinanate nanoparticle through EPR spectroscopy and nanoparticle uptake into the cell by fluorescence microspectroscopy (.PDF)
Dr. J. Štrancar, JSI (Slovenia)

Fundamentals and applications of AFM/MFM (not public)
Dr. A. Hassanien, NIC (Slovenia)

Differential scanning calorimetry as a tool for analysis of defects in materials (.PDF)
Dr. D. Setman, UniVie (Austria)

XRD of thin coatings (.PDF)
Prof. A. Meden, Uni Lj. (Slovenia)

Quantitative analysis of size, shape, spatial distribution (.PDF)
Prof. M. Lewandowska, WUT (Poland)

  Lectures on Thursday 27. October 2011

Different methods and approaches for in vitro assessment of cytotoxicity (.PDF)
Dr. N. Kregar Velikonja, Educell d.o.o. (Slovenia)

Genotoxic hazard of nanomaterials: many questions and some answers (.PDF)
Dr. J. Petkovič, National Institute of Biology (Slovenia)

Immunological response to metallic implants (.PDF)
Dr. P. Korošec MD, Hospital KOPA (Slovenia)

Osteointegration and adverse tissue reactions in clinical use of implants (.PDF)
K. Ravnihar, MD,General Hospital, Jesenice (Slovenia)

Meta-analysis opportunities: optimizing titanium implant (.PDF)
Prof. M. Gasik, Aalto University (Finland)