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BioTiNet - News

   PhD defenses

BioTiNet ESR fellows successfully defended their PhD theses. read more »

   Final BioTiNet Conference 4.-8. November 2014 in Dresden, Germany

The final BioTiNet Conference was held on November 4-8,
2014 in Dresden, Germany.

Workshop topic:
"BioTiNet Network: Low-Rigidity Ti-based Biomedical Materials".

Workshop organisers:
Prof. Mariana Calin, Dr. Annett Gebert, Matthias Bönisch,
Somayeh Abdi and Anja Strehle
(IFW Dresden - Germany)

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   BioTiNet Winter School 25. February - 1. March 2014 in Vienna, Austria

The BioTiNet Winter School was held on February 25 - March 1,
2014 in Vienna, Austria.

Winter School topic:
"Materials Development on the Nanoscale".

Prof. Michael Zehetbauer, Prof. Thomas Waitz, Prof. Erhard Schafler, Regina Pinter, M.Tech. Ajit Panigrahi, Dr. Bartek Sulkowski
(Universität Wien - Austria)

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   4th BioTiNet Workshop 25.-28. June 2013 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

The 4th BioTiNet Workshop was held on June 26-28,
2013 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Workshop topic:
"Biomaterials for Orthopaedic Applications".

Workshop organisers:
Dr. Andreas Blatter, Dr. Lucien Reclaru and Dr. Florina Constantin
(PX Precimet SA - Switzerland)

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   3rd BioTiNet Workshop 9.-11. Jamuary 2013 in Cambridge, UK

The 3rd BioTiNet Workshop was held on January 9-11,
2013 in Cambridge, UK.

Workshop topic:
"Surface Science & Engineering".

Workshop organisers:
Bonnie Cooper, Dr. Roger Brooks and Prof. Serena Best
(University of Cambridge - UK)

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   BioTiNet Mid-term Meeting 19.-21. September 2012 in Corfu, Greece

The BioTiNet Mid-term Meeting was held on September 19-21
2012 in Corfu, Greece.

Mid-term Meeting organisers:
Dr. Christina Lekka and Prof. Giorgos Evangelakis
(University of Ioannina - Greece)

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   ISMANAM 2012 Best Poster Award for BioTiNet fellows

ISMANAM Best Poster Award was given to BioTiNet ESR fellows Jose Julio Gutierrez Moreno (ESR2) & Matthias Bönisch (ESR1) at the ISMANAM 2012 conference held on 22-28 June 2012 in Moscow, Russia.

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   BioTiNet Summer School 3.-8. June 2012 in Barcelona, Spain

The BioTiNet Summer School was held on June 3-8,
2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

Summer School topic:
"Titanium in Medicine".

Summer School organisers:
Prof. M.D. Baró and Dr. J. Sort
(Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - Spain)

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   2nd BioTiNet Workshop 5.-9. March 2012 in Leuven, Belgium

The 2nd BioTiNet Workshop was held on March 5-9,
2012 in Leuven, Belgium.

Workshop topic:
"Research methodology and research project management".

Workshop organisers:
Dr. Jan Schrooten Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - Belgium
Dr. Nicole De Smyter Leuven Innovation Networking Circle - Belgium

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   1st BioTiNet Workshop 23.-27. October 2011 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The 1st BioTiNet Workshop was held on October 23-27,
2011 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Programme of the 1st BioTiNet Workshop (.PDF)

Workshop topic: "Advanced Methods for Materials Characterization".
Workshop organisers: Prof. Spomenka Kobe and Prof. Sasa Novak
(Jozef Stefan Institute - Ljubljana).

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   Marie Curie Researchers Symposium 26.-27. September 2011 in Warsaw, Poland

The Symposium is organised by the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The event is a great opportunity for current and past Marie Curie researchers to broaden their career perspectives, communicate their research, develop new scientific collaborations and further exploit their potential as Marie Curie fellows.
More details and registration before the deadline of 15th July can be found at the conference website: www.mariecurie2011.pl

    BioTiNet Kick-Off Meeting 3.-4. February 2011 in Dresden, Germany

The BioTiNet Kick-Off Meeting gave the participants an overview of project organisation and administration and allowed project team members to gain a clear understanding of the project objectives, commitments, and their roles in meeting the project objectives.

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