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BioTiNet - Research

The principal objective of BioTiNet ITN is to improve the career perspectives of 18 young researchers/fellows by providing a well-structured research training programme in the field of advanced low rigidity Ti-based materials, involving innovative methods and providing a multidisciplinary and complementary approach.

BioTiNet will screen and explore a wide structural spectrum with specific characteristics, balancing the advantages of a reduced Young`s modulus and the best resistance to deformation, which will help relieve problems with stress shielding in orthopaedic implants.

The research program comprises 18 individual research projects, designed to deliver to the young researchers the most relevant state of the art knowledge and expertise in the biomaterials research field for a career development in line with the scientific, industrial and societal needs and challenges.

The research programme of BioTiNet is splited in 4 work packages (WP) containing 18 different research projects (RP). One separate work-package (WP5) is allocated to the project management and IPR issues and another one (WP6) to training (local & Network-wide).

BioTiNet - Research - Strategy

WP1. Structural design & Innovative processing

WP2. Biomechanical behaviour

WP3. Interface processes & Biocompatibility

WP4. Industrial aspects

WP5. Project Management

WP6. Training

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